General information
Below are the registration requirements that need to be provided by any Supplier (materials or services) interested to register with metal fasteners.
Government Requirements:
  • A valid copy of the Commercial Registration (CR) Certificate.
  • A valid copy of the Industrial License Certification (manufacturers only).
  • A valid copy of the Value Added Tax (VAT) Certification.
  • A valid copy of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Membership Certification.
Government Requirements:
  • A letter from the bank with which the company is dealing, stating the type of service that the bank normally provides to your company and relationship status.
  • A valid Company Ownership Profile with required supporting documents.
  • Company Profile
  • Organization Chart
  • Valid QHSE Certificates (ISO 9001:2015 / IS0 14001: 2015 / OHSAS 18001:2007), where available.
  • QHSE Manuals, where available
  • Manufacturing Process Procedure
  • List of Machineries & Infrastructure
  • Related Awards, Project Participation and Completion
  • Undertaking Letter of intent of Supply and submitted document information are valid and correct. (In Company Letterhead).
Registration & Documents Uploading Form